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Printing instructions

To correctly print the files for the OmniaDrop extruder you should adhere to the following guide lines.

OmiaDrop-Main body

  • Should be printed with a 0.25 mm nozzle

  • 0-10 mm: extrusion width 120% and layer height 0.1 mm
    10-43 mm: extrusion width 160% and layer height 0.1 mm

  • The model should be orientated so that the Ring-Teeth are perpendicular to the printbed (like shown in the picture).


All other parts can be printed with a 0.4 mm (or smaller) nozzle at a 0.2 mm (or smaller) layer height.

No Support Structure:

  • Idler

  • Planet-Ring

Support Structures Touching Buildplate:

  • Manuel Wheel

  • Cooling Fan

Support Structures Everywhere:

  • OmniaDrop-Main

The OmniaDrop extruder and XG Hotend files are made available under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license and by clicking this checkbox you acknowledge this.

Download V2.1
Download V1.4
XG Hotend STEP
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