OmniaDrop V2.1 Assembly
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  • Hex key 1.5 mm

  • Hex key 2 mm

  • 10 mm wrench (you can get away with pliers)

  • 7 mm socket spanner or wrench

If you have the OmniaDrop Prusa edition follow the same instructions as the OmniaDrop standard version, they do not differ, if not otherwise stated.





  • Ring Heater

  • 0.4 mm Nozzle


Screw the Ring Heater with the indentations facing towards the heatsink onto the heatbreak until no more threads are visible. However, do NOT screw the Ring Heater until it touches the heatsink, the “bottle neck” section of the heatbreak should always be visible. Orientate the cables of the Ring Heater so that they are facing the stepper motor. Finally, screw the nozzle into the Ring Heater and tighten it down. Please ensure that you do NOT put too much strain on the cables. Use some pliers or a 8mm open spanner to hold onto the Ring Heater while tightening the nozzle. There should now be a gap (1-2 mm) between the nozzles hex section and the Ring Heater (this is intentional).  The gap ensures that you tightened nozzle against heatbreak and there is no gap between the nozzle and the heatbreak and as such creates a continuous filament path with no gaps.

Secure now the OmniaDrop standard version on your 3D printer carriage.



  • 2 x M3x8

  • 2 x M2x6

  • 2 x M2 washer

Secure one of the blower fans with two M2x6 screws and M2 washers on the cooling duct. If you lose a M2 washer do not worry about it, it will work without it as well. For the Prusa edition the blower fan needs to be upside down. 

With the two M3x8 screws attach the cooling duct to the cooling block.