OmniaDrop Parts PC-PBT

Although PETG is a great material due its mechanical characteristics and chemical resistance, it has one downside: Temperature. Once the ambient temperature reaches 40°C the mechanical characteristics deteriorate and as such the PETG parts will slowly deform over time in an enclosed 3D printer.


To make sure that the OmniaDrop extruder can be used in a enclosed 3D printer the 3D printed parts needs to be printed in PC-PBT. This material has a high Heat Deflection Temperature and good chemical resistance. This upgrade kit includes a complete new set of 3D printed PC-PBT parts. The parts were tested up to ambient temperatures of 60°C, which is high enough for enclosed 3D printers.


Why is this new set of 3D printed parts so expensive?  

The new PC-PBT filament is a very challenging material to print and needs additional steps to ensure dimensional accuracy and a annealing process. The planetary gear system includes all new bearings and M3 spacers, which have been run-in and tested to ensure that the planetary gear system works.

€ 19

€ 22.61 incl. Tax