Frequently Asked Question

Can you use a BLTouch on the OmniaDrop?

Yes, there is a BLTouch mounting option available for the OmniaDrop extruder.

Please be aware that no OmniaDrop Version comes with a BLTouch, you will need to source this sensor yourself.


Which filament diameter is better for flexible filaments?

Generally speaking, 3 mm flexible filament cannot kink in the extruder, while 1.75 mm flexible filament can. This is just due to the physical size of the 1.75mm filament. As a result, it is easier to extrude more filament per time with a 3 mm flexible filament than with a 1.75 mm filament. However, the print quality will always suffer if you print too fast regardless of filament diameter and filament material. Just work with that filament diameter you feel most comfortable with. Just be patient with flexible filaments and you will not see any big issues with either filament diameter.

Which material are the parts for the OmniaDrop printed in?

The parts are printed in PC/PBT. This materials can handle ambient temperatures of up to 65°C. The PCB/PBT material option only comes in a black/white colour combination.