OmniaDrop Pre-Order


The OmniaDrop comes as a kit in two different versions. The standard version uses two mounting holes which are 55 mm apart. These mounting holes can be used to attach the OmniaDrop extruder to your 3D printer carriage. The second version is a Prusa edition which was developed to be a drop-in replacement for the standard extruder on the Prusa i3 MK3. 

A third option is to download the files for the OmniaDrop extruder and use the STEP-File to adapt the OmniaDrop-Main body to your specific carriage.


Why is there a pre-order for the OmniaDrop extruder?

There are two main reasons. The first is that the aluminium cooling block needs to be die-casted, and this is only viable if one orders a certain quantity. Most parts are already in stock however, investing into die-casting the aluminium block is quite substantial.

The second reason is that the 3D printing market has different standards like filament diameter and voltage. With the pre-order it is easier to assess the correct amount for each standard. 


Do you have anything to gain from pre-ordering the OmniaDrop extruder?

Yes, you do. The first 200 people that pre-order will be given the status of "The Glorious 200". With this lifetime status you will be given exclusive discounts and first call on any new releases. 


Can you cancel your pre-order?

Yes, you can. Just write a quick email and you will be reimbursed. You will however lose your status of "The Glorious 200".


Is this pre-order like a Kickstarter where you can lose your money?

No. I, Maximilian Arnold, am personally liable for this company, which means you can legally demand your money back.


What are your Return policy rights?

Under German law there is 14-day return policy for online purchases. This means within 14 days after receiving the product you can return it without a justification. You only need to write an email stating:

"I hereby give notice – within the statutory deadline- that I withdraw from my order with the given order Nr. above. Please confirm the receipt of this letter and the termination of the contract in writing.".

However, you have to pay for the return parcel and any goods that are not reusable (for instance a used nozzle) will be deducted from the refund.


When will you receive your OmniaDrop extruder?

The OmniaDrop will be shipped by mid-January the latest, however we will keep you informed on delivery dates and hope to deliver as soon as possible. Since not all of the 200 pre-orders have been placed we will keep the pre-ordering phase going until December so that you can be a part of "The glorious 200". We have now (mid-October) started ordering in bulk, so that by mid-January we will be able to deliver all the pre-ordered OmniaDrops.


Which filament diameter is better for flexible filaments?

Generally speaking, 3 mm flexible filament cannot kink in the extruder, while 1.75 mm flexible filament can. This is just due to the physical size of the 1.75mm filament. As a result, it is easier to extrude more filament per time with a 3 mm flexible filament than with a 1.75 mm filament. However, the print quality will always suffer if you print too fast regardless of filament diameter and filament material. Just work with that filament diameter you feel most comfortable with. Just be patient with flexible filaments and you will not see any big issues with either filament diameter.


Are there any differences between the 3 mm Filament and the 1.75 mm Filament version? 

The only difference between these two versions is the stepper motor.


1.75 mm Nema 17 stepper motor

Body length: 20mm 

Weight: 140 gr.

Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper

Step Angle: 1.8 deg

Holding Torque: 13Ncm(

Rated Current/phase: 1.0A

Voltage: 3.5V

Phase Resistance: 3.5ohms

Inductance: 4.5mH ± 20%(1KHz)


3 mm Nema 17 stepper motor 

Body length: 34mm 

Weight: 230 gr.

Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper

Step Angle: 1.8 deg

Holding Torque: 22Ncm(

Rated Current/phase: 1.33A

Voltage: 2.8V

Phase Resistance: 2.1ohms

Inductance: 2.5mH ± 20%(1KHz)


It is possible to use the smaller Nema 17 motor with a 3 mm filament however, you will run into issues when extruding a lot of filament, for instance with a 0.8 mm nozzle printing at 0.4 mm layer heights. If you wish to use a the smaller Nema 17 with the 3 mm version, write that in the comment section when ordering.


What are the components of the OmniaDrop made of?

All the printed parts are printed with PETG, except the Planet-Gears. The Planet-Gears are printed in Igus Iglidur I150 which is a tribo-filament with high abrasion resistance. All the metal parts (except the cooling block and nozzle) like screws and hobbed gears are made from stainless steel. The cooling block is made from an aluminium alloy with a high heat transfer coefficient. The sun gear on the Nema 17 stepper motor is made from brass. 


Why is the OmniaDrop Prusa edition only available with 24V?

The OmniaDrop Prusa edition was developed for the original Prusa MK3, this why the OmniaDrop Prusa edition comes with a 24V ring heater and two 5V 3-pin blower fans. If you have a Prusa clone or Prusa MK2 that runs on 12V or 24V, then write that in the comment section when ordering and you will get the ring heater and blower fans in that voltage. 


Are there any downsides compared to the stock Prusa extruder?

The OmniaDrop extruder was built to optimally print flexible filaments and was not built to fit a certain printer. As a result, due to the design constraints on the Prusa MK3 printer you will lose 17.5 mm on the Y-axis and 7.5 mm on the X-axis however, this still leaves you with a print area of 242.5 mm in X and 192.5 mm in Y.

Currently the OmniaDrop does not come with a filament sensor, so you will not be able to use the filament sensor on your Prusa. The filament sensor on the Prusa could not be converted to fit the OmniaDrop extruder.

This is however a project for the future.


Can you use a BLTouch on the OmniaDrop?

Yes, there is a BLTouch mounting option avaiable for the OmniaDrop extruder. When you order just write BLTouch in the comment section of your order and you will get the OmniaDrop with a BLTouch mount.


    Filament Diameter

    €169 incl VAT

    €142.02 excl VAT