Choose "Pickup" to get free shipping with the German Mail. This only applies to this product, if you order a OmniaDrop or any other product you need to choose a delivery method.


There are some 12V Ring Heaters that during production process got more visible weld scars. These Ring Heaters were QC'd and function well, however due these scars were deemed to be factory second.
However all the Ring Heaters come with a silicone sock, so the visual aspect  should be less of a concern.

Nonetheless, there are a few functional 12V Ring Heaters that should not be thrown away just because of minor visual defect, so they are being sold at purchase cost. On top of that shipping via German Mail is free. Please be aware that the shipping time for the German Mail can reach up to 20 days depending on where you live. 

12V Sale Ring Heater and Thermistor Cartidge