The new OmniaDrop V3 comes in three different versions.

The Standard Version has two through holes that are 60 mm apart for M4 screws and two
M3 threaded inserts that are 34 mm spaced apart (equivalent to the Hemera). Using these
two mounting options you can create a faceplate to fit the OmniaDrop onto your 3D
printers X-Carriage.

The second Version is the Prusa Edition which was developed to be a drop-in replacement
for Prusa style printers. Specifically for the Prusa Mk3s printer.

The third Version is the Ender 3 Edition which was designed to be directly mounted on the
X-Carriage of the Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro and Ender 3 V2.

What size and weight does the OmniaDrop extruder have?

The OmniaDrop V3 extruder (without Ring Heater, Nozzle, Cooling Fan Duct and Fans) has a
reference weight of around 250g.

The size of the OmniaDrop V3 depends on the Version that you choose. For reference
purposes please have a look at the documentation and STEP files.

What materials were used to make the individual parts of the OmniaDrop V3?

Hobbed Gears = RNC hardened steel

Planet Disk = Aluminium

Heatbreak = Titanium

Cooling Block = Aluminium

Idler Arm = Aluminium

Sun Gear = Brass

Planet Gear = Igus Iglidur

Ring Gear = PA66 30% glass fiber reinforced

Is there a mirrored version of the OmniaDrop?

Yes, technically all the hardware components are symmetrical, which means you only need
to reprint the 3D printed parts mirrored. This makes the OmniaDrop V3 ideal for IDEX
printers or dual extruder 3D printers.

Can you use a BLTouch on the OmniaDrop?

Yes, there is a BLTouch mounting option available for the OmniaDrop extruder.

Please be aware that no OmniaDrop Version comes with a BLTouch, you will need to source this sensor yourself.